Welcome! We are extremely pleased that you would like your very special day to take place in Williamwood Parish Church. We will do everything possible to make your marriage service so special to you both that the memory of it carries you forward together.

This page contains much of the musical things to consider to help you choose music for your wedding at Williamwood. This page contains information on many popular music choices and gives you the opportunity to hear most of them.

Williamwood has prepared a leaflet to give you the basic information that you will need to know – it’s available here to download.

Ideally you should come to Williamwood’s morning service (Sundays at 11 o’clock) where you can see the Church, hear the organ and try out different ideas for music.

Please bear in mind the following when choosing your hymns.

  • How many hymns are you having?
  • At what stage in the service will they be sung?
  • Are the hymns that you want well-known enough so that people will join in? (please consider the choir)
  • Do the hymns say the things you want?
  • Have you agreed with the organist which tunes you are having for the hymns? (Many a couple have been upset when their favourite hymn is sung to the wrong tune!)

Wedding Hymns

The following is a list of some of the most common traditional wedding hymns with a very brief description of each (the embedded player files are recorded at Williamwood Parish Church on the Allen Digital Organ)

All things bright and beautiful: A hymn of praise celebrating the beauty of God’s creation.

Lead us heavenly Father, lead us: A prayer to God asking Him to guide us, forgive us and to fill us with joy and peace.

Love divine all loves excelling: A hymn offering ourselves to Jesus, asking Him to change us, and help us to live our lives in praise of Him. (1st tune Hyfrydol, 2nd tune Blaenwern)

Immortal, invisible, God only wise: A hymn celebrating the glory and splendour of God.

Now thank we all our God: A hymn of praise to God for His care of us, and a prayer for Him to look after us.

Praise my soul the King of heaven: A hymn of praise to God, thanking Him for all He has done for us and for His loving nature. 

The Lord’s my shepherd I’ll not want: A version of Psalm 23, which is a hymn that reminds us of God’s care for us through good and bad times.

Church Copyright rules are available here

The Church Hymnary (4th edition) has some new hymns suitable for weddings, but this link to the Church of England provides many more contemporary words to familiar tunes (link)

Wedding music

These are questions you should ask yourselves:

  • What music would you like whilst the bride comes in?
  • Do you want to come in to a loud or quiet piece of music?
  • How long does the piece have to last? (Think about how long it will take you to walk to the front of the church with bridesmaids and page boys.)
  • Can the organist play the pieces you want?
  • Do you want music to be played while the register is being signed? (It is customary in most churches)
  • What music are you coming out to?
  • How long does it need to last? (Think about whether your photographer will be taking photos of you coming out of the church together. If so, you may need to decide how long your music must last.)

Follow this link for more useful information

The following is a selection of the more traditional pieces or music suitable for Wedding Services.

Bridal March from Lohengrin – ‘Here Comes the Bride!’ 1

Wedding March from ‘A Mid-summer Nights Dream’ 2

Trumpet Tune – Purcell [1/2]

Trumpet Voluntary – Clarke [1/2]

Prelude from Te Deum – Charpentier [1]

Pachelbel’s Canon – Prelude [1/2 /3] 

‘Arrival’ from the Queen of Sheba – G.F. Handel [1/2]

Toccata – CM Widor (recessional used by HRH Princess Diana) [2]

Love Changes Everything – Lloyd Webber [2 / 3]

Air from Water Music – Handel [1 /3]

March from Scipio – G.F. Handel [1/2] 

Prelude in C – JS Bach [1/2] 

Trumpet Tune in D – Stanley [1/2] 

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring J.S. Bach [1 /3] 

Overture from the Royal Fireworks (HWV 351) – Handel [1]

Finale from the Royal Fireworks (HWV 351) – Handel [2]

Improvisation on Now thank we all our God  – Sigfrid Karg Elert [2]

Now Thank We All Our God – arr. Virgil Fox [2]

Grand March from Aida – G. Verdi [1/2]

For the love of a Princess “Braveheart” – James Horner [1]


The embedded player files are recorded at Williamwood Parish Church, on the Allen Digital Organ.

The web links are from and are here purely to let you hear the piece of music. Remember it will sound different on the instrument and in the acoustics of the venue of your wedding.

1 = Suitable for Processional
2 = Suitable for Recessional
3 = Suitable for Signing of the Register

Williamwood Parish Church has set fees for the Organist regards Wedding Services.  Please discuss these with the Organist & Director of Music, Alan Mathew.

Please contact me to discuss any matter in relation to the music at your wedding. I will be only too pleased to be of help.

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