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Sunday 8th April 2012 – 11am

Please stand as the bible is brought into the Church. In preparation for each hymn, please stand as soon as the organist begins playing the introduction, but please remain seated during the hymns if you find it difficult or uncomfortable to stand.

THE CHOIR Alleluia! Jesus is risen
HYMN 410 Jesus Christ is risen to-day! (Easter Hymn)
MINISTER Alleluia! The Lord is Risen!
CONGREGATION The Lord is risen! He is risen in-deed!
PRAYER & LORD’S PRAYER (see below)
HYMN 194 This is the day that the Lord has made (vs 1 & 2 only)
READING John 20: 1-10 (Kirsty McNeil)
ANTHEM Be joyful together
READING John 20: 11-18 (Kirsty McNeil)
HYMN (Sheet) In Christ alone (Townend)
HYMN (sheet) Roll the stone away!
HYMN (sheet) Yours is the glory (Maccabaeus)

Please come forward to join in or listen to our “Come and Sing” the Hallelujah Chorus and stay for our short Easter Communion.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name; Your kingdom come, your will be done; on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen

A WARM WELCOME TO CHURCH TODAY! If you’re a visitor please sign our visitor’s book in the vestibule. Our church has something for all ages and activities go on throughout the week. Please join us in the Hall after this service where tea/coffee is served. Large print orders of service are available from the duty team.

Three new members will be joining our church in May. Anyone wanting to join or is interested in finding out more please contact Mr Reid, who will answer any questions.

TODAY – Music group meet at 9:45am; Tea & Coffee served by the Holiday Club, 12:30pm (after worship and “Come & Sing”) in the chancel we have Easter Communion.

WORSHIP ON THE WEB – visit http://www.williamwoodmusic.com/on-demand/

THE BB has a ‘limited edition’ 2012 Tea Towel for sale – specially made to mark our 75th anniversary and is available from Mark Gordon, at £3.50, in the Hall.

LIFE & WORK – April issue is available in the usual places for uplift & distribution.

PARISH EASTER LEAFLETS – Thank you to everyone (organisations, elders & members) who helped deliver the leaflets around the parish – Margaret Robertson

GUILD OUTING – Tuesday 17th April to Luss Church. There are 5 seats available on the coach. If you wish to join us please contact Moira Yeoman at 638 6709.

CONGREGATIONAL BOARD – Wednesday 18 April at 7:30pm

HEAR THE JOYFUL SINGING! The 25th Celebration Concert of the Williamwood Singers. Thurs 19 April at 7.30pm.The programme will be performed entirely by the girls, although we’d love any past members in the audience to join us at the end when we will sing “Love changes everything”. The songs are chosen for their varied moods. Some are new & some are old favourites – we hope you’ll enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy singing them! Tickets £4 – in large hall after Church or at the door.

NEXT WEEK – Bible reader:Tony Drysdale, Tea & Coffee: the Home Visiting Team.

SPRING CONCERT – Sunday 22 April 7:30pm, Netherlee Church with refreshments. The young musical group, Maestoso have played together for over 8 yrs led by Stephen West & have a wide repertoire (modern/classical). This will be their final concert before they disperse to various universities later in the year. Entry by donation programme.

BB PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION RACE NIGHT – Saturday 28 April, Clarkston Scout Hall, 8pm start. Tickets £5 (which include a sandwich buffet) can be obtained from either Helen McKenzie (577 6872), Alison Young (577 5707) or Company Captain, Mark Gordon, or my email the128.bb@ntlworld.com. If you’re unable to attend & would still like to help raise funds for the BB you can do so by sponsoring a horse or donating a raffle prize, contact Helen, Alison, Mark or any member of the committee.

POST CARDS TO WILLIAMWOOD – in our 75th year as you travel on holiday in the UK or abroad please send a postcard to your Church Family here at Williamwood. We’ll track on a map in the Large Hall how far we have travelled. Please also leave a “Calling Card” with greetings from Williamwood in any church you visit or worship in while on holiday. These are available at the front door

CHURCH DINNER – Friday 11th May —- 34 days and counting! Come and join us in a one off 75years celebration where we will honour Douglas Craig (50 years an Elder) Ross McGhee and Neil Little (30 years as Elders). There are over 100 of your church family going already but I have kept a place for YOU. Phone me on 638 5521 All diets will be catered for as long as we know beforehand. Hope to hear from you, God Bless, Margaret Robertson. Payments can be made from 15 April onwards.

GIVINGS UPDATE – The Givings total for February was £7,373 giving an accumulated figure of £14,080 for the first 2 months of the year against a budget of £15,000. This leaves a shortfall of £920 on the budget figure. However closer examination of the figures shows that within the February figure, two cheques for a total of £1,000 were given by members of the congregation in respect of their annual givings. If we revise the £1,000 to a sixth, £166 our total is amended to £13,246 leaving a shortfall figure of £1,754. Should this trend continue we would be looking at a shortfall to budget of £10,524.

HEART & SOUL 2012 – Hot on the heels of Roll Away the Stone 2011 – “Heart and Soul” is The Church of Scotland’s next large scale event celebrating the life of the church. The event will take place on May 20th, 2012 in Edinburgh at Princes Street Gardens (West) from 1.00pm until 6.00pm. Like last year, the event is free to enter and we do hope that you will put the date in your diary. Participate in Choirs, Football Tournaments, Battle of the Bands, help stewarding or volunteering or simply come along and enjoy the special events taking place. For up-to-date information keep checking http://www.heartandsoul2012.org.uk

Please see the paper copy for individuals details

CHURCH NOTICE BOARDS are for the use of our organisations & regular users of the premises. Please, do not place notices on glass doors or windows.

Please note Mr Reid’s day off is Monday. For Baptisms (whatever your age), Weddings, joining the Church & for anyone who needs a visit, contact the manse.

Please send information to Alan Mathew by 12NOON THURSDAY.
Phone 07852 908166 or email williamwood.organist@gmail.com
The Weekly Bulletin can be recycled. Duty Teams will be happy to take them for you.
Song sheets should be left behind.