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Sunday 1 May 2011

11 o’clock

Trumpey Voluntary (Clarke)

Please stand (if you are able) as the bible is brought into the Church

Welcome and Intimations (Margaret Robertson, Session Clerk)
Call to worship
Hymn 160 Praise my soul the King of heaven (ladies only v3)
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer (see below)
Talk to young people
Hymn (Sheet) God loves you, and I love you (young people leave after this hymn)
Reading Psalm 23 (read by Ross Johnstone)
Anthem When I survey the wondrous cross
Reading 2 Corinthians 12:1 – 10 (read by Ross Johnstone)
Hymn (Sheet) In Christ alone my hope is found (Townend)
Sermon “My grace is sufficient for you”
Hymn (Sheet) The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want (Townend)
Our prayers
Offering & Dedication of Offering (Two Versets on “Love Divine” (Rawthsthorne))
Hymn 645 I am not ashamed to own my Lord
Benediction & Three-fold Amen (Sung)

Recessional: Crown Imperial (Walton)