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Music News May 2012


Dear friends at Williamwood

As I write this music article for the Summer Inspire magazine we are preparing for our Jubilee Event on Saturday 2nd June.  This will have taken place by the time most of you read this.  I hope that it will have been an exciting and joyful evening when we’ve looked back and celebrated Williamwood 75 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Thanks are due to the various people who have taken part and helped in their own way, but specifically we need to thank all the singers and musicians from our community who have worked hard and enjoyed sharing music for what is a one-off special event.

Adult Church ChoirOur session ended in May but we have continued to meet in preparation for the Jubilee. Our end of session dinner takes place on 14th June at Williamwood Golf Club where we and our partners relax and have fellowship (and a good meal also) away from the busyness of our weekly work.

It’s been a remarkable session during 2011-12.   We’ve achieved far much more than I thought possible.  I would go as far to say that we have not only improved our repertoire, but also improved our quality and our enjoyment.  I am very lucky indeed to be at the helm of such a competent church choir, and it has been said in this past year that we have one of the best soprano sections (if not “the” best) in the Southside.

Through the internet we have been heard as far afield as the USA.  This is through our on-line recordings of services and also through our YouTube channel – just look for wmwoodmusic.

The new session will begin at the end of August (probably on Thursday 23rd August) or the beginning of September – all depending on when the choirmaster takes his holidays! We would welcome any one who is interested to come along.  You will find a warmth and friendship that is only found in church choirs – come along to experience it. Look out for weekly intimations for more information.

Church Music Groupa group of around 8 (or so) singers, some guitars and a flute (plus some bongos – thank you Carole) have taken part in some of the services in 2012.  I think that people have enjoyed both our “sound” and the items of praise we have lead or introduced.  We have said good-bye to Ann McCormick our flautist, as her placement here at Williamwood has come to an end.  We say thank you Ann for immersing yourself in all aspects of our music.  We hope you’ve had as much fun as the rest of us!

Likewise, Music Group will resume in the new session (Aug/September) and anyone who plays an instrument is welcome to come along.  Even if you don’t play an instrument you are welcome to come along to sing, or utilise the box of percussion instruments we have but rarely use.  Look out for weekly intimations for the first meeting of 2012-13.


It’s that time of the year when summer choir resumes. We start meeting in the session house on Sunday 3rd June at 10:15am.  Summer Choir will meet weekly at 10:15am throughout June (with the exception of Communion Sunday) July and August.

We will look at the hymns and learn anything that may be new, and also each week try to prepare a simple, yet effective, item from CH4 or other sources as either a call to worship, a meditation, anthem or something to end our worship. You do not need to be in the church choir to take part and you can come as often as you are able.  All we ask is that you enjoy your time with us.

Williamwood Singers - The Williamwood Singers have just completed their 25th year as a group of enthusiastic young singers, giving a concert at Christmas and in the Spring.

At our concert a few weeks ago we displayed some of the many photos taken over the years – from the early days when we often went out and about singing in different places through rather lean years when we just managed to keep going.  We now have a very able choir with a large repertoire of uplifting songs.  It is wonderful to hear these young voices developing – some have now been with us for 10 years.  As to age there is no upper limit, we’re always ready to welcome new members.  The choir, with excellent instrumentalists from our own church and beyond has given great pleasure to a great number of people – if you can sing (age 10 and upwards) do come and join us on Sunday 26th August at 6.00pm.

Meanwhile many thanks from me to the choir, for giving their best at the concert, to our past accompanists – Aindrea McKay who was with us for 17 years, followed for a short time by Gail Alexander, and now to Mairi McIntyre, for all their hard work and to our many supporters who make it all worthwhile.  Norah F Gray

Music Makers – like the regular music groups we don’t meet during the summer months.  However, we met rather intermittently during 2011-12 and that has been disruptive to everyone who is keen for Music Makers to really lift-off.  Starting in September we will meet regularly, but only once a month.

From September, we will meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 12:30pm to 1pm.  Kids and/or parents should come to the Church and meet in the front pews.  Ailie and I will prepare something with the kids and/or mums and dads that we can sing at Christmas-time.

Looking forward to 2012-13

  • Williamwood Singers resume on Sunday 26th August at 6pm in the Session house.
  • Adult church choir resumes (23rd August) – look out for weekly notices
  • Music Makers resumes – 2nd Sunday of September at 12:30pm
  • Music Group resumes Aug/Sept – lookout for details

Friends of Williamwood Music

As we move through another year I would like to get together a proper list of “friends of Williamwood Music”. You may like to help serve tea after church for us, or help steward at a concert or serve tea.  Please, just pass your name to me.


The Trumpet Shall Sound – Sunday 14th October, 7pm

A Special concert in the Church with Organ and Trumpet, featuring Matt Edwards (organist) and Grant Golding (trumpet) – this is a special event taking place as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations.  Mark the date in your diary and prepare to be amazed at the wonderful sound combination of organ and trumpet.  Keep an eye out for more details in weekly notices for what promises to be an excellent evening of music.

I do hope that your summer holidays are good and that the weather keeps up for us – hope I’ve not gone and put my foot in it! I do look forward to seeing you at Church during the summer to take part in the music of each morning service and enjoy the fellowship of Williamwood Church.



Sunday 9th October 2011

To download and listen to this service please come back on Monday 10th October when the recording will be available on hour “on-demand” page.

Please stand (if you are able) as the bible is brought into the Church
HYMN 229 – We plough the fields and scatter (gifts are brought forward)
BIBLE READING Exodus 16: 1-16 (various voices)
PRAYER & LORD’S PRAYER (see below)
HYMN 143 – Who put the colours in the rainbow?
HYMN (sheet) – My God is so big (Crèche & Bright Sparks leave after this hymn)
ANTHEM – Look at the World (John Rutter)
BIBLE READING Exodus 16: 13-33 (Grant Keyes)
HYMN (sheet) – Thank you Lord for this new day
HYMN (sheet) – Now we sing a harvest Song
HYMN 153 – Great is thy Faithfulness
BENEDICTION & SUNG AMEN – HYMN 825 (sung twice)

The Lord’s Prayer
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name; Your kingdom come, your will be done; on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen

A WARM WELCOME TO EVERYONE to our Harvest Service this morning. Our church has something for all ages and activities go on throughout the week. Large print copies of the order of service are available from the door stewards. If you’re a visitor, please sign our Visitors Book in the Vestibule – we’d love to get to know you! Please join us in the large hall afterwards for tea, coffee and conversation, served by members of the Church Choir.

A PRAYER BEFORE WORSHIP – Creator God, provider of all we bring our thanks today. And we bless each other that the beauty of this world and the love that created it might be expressed though our lives and be a blessing to others now and always AMEN.

THANK YOU! ― from Moira Yeoman for your support last Sunday after church when £60 was raised at tea & coffee for Church House Youth Project, and from Alan Mathew for your support at last week’s organ recital and evening service – over the two days almost £250 was raised for our Music Fund.

CHRISTIAN AID – Thank you to everyone who took part in the recent Sponsored Swim at Eastwood Baths as well as to everyone who sponsored them. We were one of 7 local Churches taking part and had 15 swimmers out of a total of 55. The amount raised will be intimated in the next edition of Inspire.

WILLIAMWOOD MUSIC – if you would like to be part of a developing Music Group it’s not too late! Just let Alan know of your interest. We meet today after church – with instruments & singers!
INFORMAL COMMUNION – our relaxed and friendly service takes place this afternoon at 3 o’clock in the Chancel – all are welcome.

CLARKSTON DISASTER – Clarkston Churches Together will hold a service on Sunday 23rd October at 2pm in Greenbank Church to commemorate the 40th anniversary. An act of remembrance will also take place on Friday 21 October at Clarkston Toll.

MINISTER’S HOLIDAY – Mr Reid will be on holiday from 11th-25th October. Anyone requiring the services of a Minister should contact Margaret Robertson in the first instance – 638-5521, or margaretctrobertson@gmail.com

THOMAS CHALMERS LECTURE – Sunday 23 October at 3pm in the “Tron Theatre Complex”, Argyle Street. Email davidcjackson22@hotmail.com if you intend to attend this event as spaces are limited. More details on notice boards.

CHURCH GARDEN – For the next couple of months we will “cut back” and meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays to tend to the Church Gardens – Thanks, Jimmy Craig.

WILLIAMWOOD’S GOT TALENT – Saturday 19th November is fast approaching. Participants should notify Carole, Alan or Ross by 26th October. For help in lighting/sound speak to Ross in the first instance. If you’re not taking part you are therefore part of the audience – you will decide the winner so keep the date free!

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING – Ladies (and gents), don’t rush to do all your Christmas Shopping too early!!! Events and Young Woman’s Group are holding a Shopping evening in the church halls on Tuesday 8th November. There will be a great variety of stalls (20 confirmed to date) as well as refreshments and a wee bit pampering. If anyone would like a table for selling their wares on the evening or have a contact who would like a table please see Carole Lyons

BBC @ GIFFNOCK SOUTH – The BBC wants to record their Remembrance Sunday Service at Giffnock South on Sunday 30th October at 2.30pm to be then broadcast on Sunday 13th November. To be a success they need a large congregation which is essential. An invitation has been given for anyone who wants to come along to note the date and time.

CLOCK’S MOVE TO GMT- a reminder that our clocks and watches are put back one hour at 2am on Sunday 30th October.

CHURCH NOTICE BOARDS – New Notice Boards have been installed in the Vardar Avenue Corridor and Seres Road Vestibule. These are for the use of Church Organisations & Organisations who use our premises. All other literature should be given to the Session Clerk or Minister. Please note: no literature should be placed on glass doors or windows.

DOORS OPEN – Looking for Peace? Looking for a quiet space, time to pray, or a friendly chat over a cuppa? Our Church and Iona Chapel are open for visitors each weekday morning from 10 o’clock until 11:45am.

For Baptisms (whatever your age), Weddings, joining the Church and for anyone who needs a visit please contact the manse. Mr Reid’s day off is Monday.

Tea served by: DOORS OPEN

Saturday 15th October 1pm – Organ Recital at Greenbank with Philip Fox
Sunday 16th October Morning Worship with Rev John Martindale
Friday 21st October Remembrance Service for the Clarkston Disaster at Clarkston Toll
Sunday 23rd October 11am – Morning Worship with Rev Blair Robertson
2pm – Service Commemorating the Clarkston Disaster at Greenbank Church
Sunday 30th October 2.30pm – recording of the BBC Remembrance Service at Giffnock South Church
Saturday 5th November Sunday School Coffee Morning
Tuesday 8th November Christmas Shopping Night (see intimations)
Sunday 13th November Remembrance Sunday
Sat. 19th November 1pm – Organ recital at Greenbank with Razvan Luculescu
7pm – Williamwood’s Got Talent (in the Church)
Saturday 3rd December Christmas Fair

Our new session begins….

The new session for Williamwood Music is about to begin.

We’d love to add new faces and singers/instrumentalists to our Music Ministry and you would be made very welcome when you come along.

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