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Sunday 3 April 2011

PRAISE: Hymn 115  Love is the touch of intangible joy    (Slane)
PRAYER:  Including The Lord’s Prayer (see below)
PRAISE:  (Sheet)  Thank you, thank you for my mum
[young people leave]
ANTHEM: 23rd Psalm  (John Weeks)
READING: John 9:1-11 (Margo King)
PRAISE: Hymn 540  I heard the voice of Jesus say  (Kingsfold)
PRAISE: Hymn 543  Longing for light
OFFERING (The Lord’s my Shepherd, Howard Goodall)
PRAISE:  Hymn 182  Now thank we all our  God
Three fold amen

Organ music as you leave:
Brother James air

Spring 2011 Magazine

The Spring issue of the Church Magazine will soon be available.

Here is the music article with details of events and news for the coming months.
Click here to download.

Happy reading!

From the Organ Console Jan/Feb 2011

Click to read the latest music sheet

In the Christmas issue of our Church Magazine I started the “From the Organ Console” section, where I will give snippets of information about forthcoming choral pieces or organ music that will feature in our church services.  The purpose of this Bi-monthly insert is to keep you updated in the months that fall in-between the production of the church magazine.  I hope you find the “From the Organ Console” series interesting and informative and that you enjoy the music that you read about.