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Sunday 20 February 2011

Morning Worship – 11am
Brownie & Guide Thinking Day
Souper Sunday in the Hall Afterwards

Call to Worship
HYMN 118 Womb of life and source of being (t. Hyfrydol)
What is Thinking Day?
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
The Brownie Welcome Song
Presentation of 2010 Guide Centenary Year Photograph
Thinking Day 2011 Theme and Focus on Five Countries
SHEET I am fearfully and wonderfully made
(very young people leave after this song)
Readings: Genesis 1: 24 – 31 & John 8: 8 – 16
(read by a Senior Guide)
Summing Up
HYMN 259 Beauty for Brokenness (God of the poor)
Girls renew their promise
WE BELIEVE The Infectious Church
SHEET For I’m building a people of power
Offering (Choir – Blessed are they)
The Brownie Bells
HYMN 724 Christ’s is the world in which we move
Benediction & Three-fold Amen

Spring 2011 Magazine

The Spring issue of the Church Magazine will soon be available.

Here is the music article with details of events and news for the coming months.
Click here to download.

Happy reading!