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Allen e-notes

Click the image to download October e-notes

Allen Organs have featured our own Church Organ in their October issue of the newsletter “e-notes” to commemorate it’s 40th Anniversary.  E-notes is available on-line at http://www.allenorgan.com/enotes/2011Oct/eNotes.html. You can subscribe to Allen e-notes here

Alternatively, you can click the logo above to download a PDF version of October e-notes.

The article on Williamwood has links to this website and also a link to an on-line video of me (Alan Mathew) playing the well-known hymn “Dear Lord and Father”

From the Organ Console Jan/Feb 2011

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In the Christmas issue of our Church Magazine I started the “From the Organ Console” section, where I will give snippets of information about forthcoming choral pieces or organ music that will feature in our church services.  The purpose of this Bi-monthly insert is to keep you updated in the months that fall in-between the production of the church magazine.  I hope you find the “From the Organ Console” series interesting and informative and that you enjoy the music that you read about.