Alan Mathew

Our Organist is Alan Mathew, FGMS, FSCO

Alan returned to Williamwood in April 2014 after a period of 18months at his home Church in Wishaw.

Alan served from November 2009 – November 2012. He was our interim organist but was appointed on a permanent basis just in time for Christmas 2009.

He leads the Church’s Adult Choir, plays Williamwood’s 1971 Allen Digital organ for our Sunday Services, as well as looking at areas where we could develop and use music more effectively in the various facets of Williamwood Parish Church.

Listen to Alan playing a meditative piece of music on our Church Organ

Equally at home with the children’s choir, the youth groups and the adult choir Alan runs from one group to the next with energy and enthusiasm!

Prior to serving Williamwood he has served Wishaw South Parish Church, Greenbank Parish Church and Airdrie Broomknoll Parish Churc.

Alan regularly participated in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery recitals, on the fine three-manual and pedal Lewis organ there. Please check out to see more details.

He is immediate past conductor of the Kedron Singers, who are a Glasgow based Christian choir. Alan is an active member of the Lanarkshire Society of Organists, is their President for 2011/12 and acts as web-master for their web-site!

Click here to hear Alan play the Macdonald Memorial Organ in Bellshill

Click here to both see and hear Alan Mathew play the Hildson Pipe Organ at Macdonald Memorial Church of Scotland, Bellshill

Check out Alan’s website –
and email –


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