The CCLI officers responsibilities are to make sure that everyone using premises adheres to the CCLI licence agreement and guidelines that we have for each year.

Within our CCLI agreement we have three main licence types

Church Copyright Licence (CCL),
Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) and
PRS for Music Church Licence.

With both the CCL & MRL you can:

Photocopy the words and music of hymns and worship songs from authorised music books.
Type song words into your computer and store them for later use.
Include song words on service sheets and handouts for your congregation.
Create your own OHP acetates.
Create your own song words database for use with projection software.
Audio/video record music from your services for those unable to attend, or as a keepsake.
Create customised musical arrangements of songs where no published version is available

Using the CCL:

Copyright lines – Each time you reproduce words you must include the following information underneath the song.
[author], © [year, owner], [your licence number]
e.g. Fred Smiley, © 2007 Happy Music Ltd., CCL Licence No. 123456
If you have made a service sheet/book, you only need to include author, date and owner details underneath each song with the following acknowledgement somewhere in the sheet/book.
All songs covered by CCLI have been reproduced under the CCL Licence No. [your licence number].

Using the MRL:

Copyright lines – At the bottom of each photocopy you must write: Copied by permission. MRL Licence No. [Your Licence No.]

Using the PRS you can play music in a variety of ways, such as:

Background music for coffee mornings, parent and toddler groups, youth and outreach events, and activities such as fetes and bazaars.
Music contained within films
Concerts and recitals (limited to six concerts per year)
Discos and dances
Keep fit or dance classes
Karaoke sessions
Singing/dancing games on a games console

Church Hall and associated rooms:

As our halls and rooms are an integral part of the church building the PRS for Music Church Licence covers the entire building, including the hall unless more than six concerts/recitals per year are held in the church premises.


PRS for Music chooses not to license music played during acts of divine worship.
This includes CDs/DVDs and live performances.
CCLI is not able to license all churches. Generally, those excluded are Cathedrals, Abbeys and large Minsters.
Any church premises which PRS for Music deems to be a concert venue may also be excluded. As a guide, if more than 6 concerts are held per year, that church will be deemed a concert venue.

Music within films:

If you’re showing films in the church for entertainment you may need a PRS for Music Church Licence to cover you for music included in the film.


With effect from 1 January 2011 the CDPA was amended so churches, charities and other “not for profit” organisations are no longer exempt from requiring a licence from Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL).

Previously we were exempt from requiring a PPL if we played sound recordings in the course of our activities. This exemption is now removed. CCLI has been working with PPL to negotiate the best licensing option for churches.

Churches like Williamwood, who play sound recordings, now require a licence from PPL in addition to the PRS. PPL has granted a “grace” period of one year during which churches will be safe from prosecution. However, as we play sound recordings out-with our “act of divine worship” (for example at dance classes) we require a licence by 1 January 2012.


PPL regards a wedding as a domestic gathering. Therefore a PPL licence is not required for the performance of sound recordings during a wedding ceremony. However, if the wedding is being audio/video-recorded and recorded music is played during the service a licence will be required to cover the dubbing (re-recording) of the recorded music. Visit the PRS for Music website for information about licences to audio/video-record weddings. []

What does the licence cover?

PPL represent two rights in sound recordings. The right to perform the recording in public and the right to copy that sound recording (dubbing). The PPL Church Licence only covers the performance right and does not permit churches or individuals to make copies of sound recordings.

Details of the changes to the CDPA can be view in an overview document from CCLI by following this link


Under the CCL and MRL Licences we are required to prepare and maintain an annual report. All office bearers, group leaders and organisations in Williamwood Parish Church, and those that use our premises, must contact the CCLI officer to ensure compliance within the terms of the overall CCLI agreement that we have. They will in turn check our CCL and MRL licences and record any appropriate copying of words and/or music or the preparation of song sheets or worship books.

You are required to comply, with noting our licence number(s) and any appropriate copyright information, as indicated on page 1 of this memorandum. No unauthorised copying of music and/or song words is permitted.

At the present time, there is currently no requirement for you to report to CCLI which music has been played or performed under the terms of your PRS for Music Church Licence.

The CCLI officer can be contacted by email at for any enquiries or issues relating to the Williamwood Parish Church CCLI and how this affects you and/or your group. You must contact the CCLI officer via this email to check the licenses prior to the copying and or duplication/storage of any music and/or words.

The CCLI officer will keep all office bearers, group leaders and organisations up to date with the changes in the CDPA, and what new requirements will be required to comply with the PPL.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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