Music in our Church

Music has always been at the heart of worship. Indeed it is difficult to imagine a Parish Church without music – the very acts of singing, playing and hearing connect us to levels and ranges of meaning which go beyond words.

One of the things that keep people coming back to Williamwood Parish Church is our commitment to musical excellence. Music weaves its way through our services, binding us together emotionally and lifting us spiritually. We regularly incorporate diverse musical elementsinto our services with guest vocalists, instrumentalists, and small group ensembles.

Williamwood is keen to acknowledge and preserve ourtraditions, but also to explore how contemporary choral and instrumental music can connect us with our faith and enrich our lives today.

Music from the rich heritage of traditional sacred music along with that of different world cultures deepens our worship experience. African songs and drumming, Iona Community songs, Taize chants from France – music from around the world joins us together as Christians singing a joyful song to the Lord.

And you don’t have to be a member to enjoy being part of one of our music groups: the adult Church Choir, the Williamwood Singers (for young adults), the Youth Praise Band, and the Williamwood Music Makers (p1-p7).

It’s a great way to get to know people and enjoy the small group fellowship and hospitality that defines Williamwood Parish Church.

Events such as “Christmas Lessons and Carols” and the moving Holy Week services occur annually. Other special services will be planned over the next few years, and most recently music makers from all parts of Williamwood joined together in a “Shout of Joy” on Pentecost Sunday.

We have concerts regularly making use of our fine sanctuary and accoustics – check out our Facebook page for details of more events. The picture at the top of this page features the participants in the musical concert with Scott Lygate and our young musicial talent held in September 2010, when over £2,500 was raised for church funds. Flora Smith our sponsor is in the very front row – thank you Flo.

Our music needs to follow rules and regluations with regards Copyright Laws.  We are a member of the CCLI and information is available here.

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