The Summer Choir

Summer Choir resumes on Sunday 8th June 2014 at 10:00am – all welcome

In the summer – during the months of June through August – the Adult Choir is on holiday!! Anyone who wants to join our Summer Choir can show up early for worship (at 10:00am in the Session House) for a quick run-through any music for that Service. The singers will “give it their all”, leading the hymns, singing easy-to-learn pieces and getting a taste of what being in a church choir is about.

During Summer 2014, the summer choir learned and sang:

  • God welcomes all (to the tune in CH4 for the 5 fold south African amen)
  • I will call upon the Lord (from MP)
  • Today I awake (CH4)
  • I will enter his gates (from MP)
  • Father we love you (from MP)
  • Loving creator (CH4 116)
  • You’re the word of God the Father (MP)
  • Halle Halle Hallelujah (CH4)
  • Guide my feet (African American Spiritual) for Commonwealth day (sheet)
  • Singing we Gladly worship the Lord (CH4)
  • Come all you people, come and praise your maker (CH4)
  • Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet (CH4)


We hope that each year several of our “summer” participants will decide to continue with the choir when the new session begins in September, however if you wish to just join us for the summer you will be made very welcome. Try something different – come along!

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