Choir Commandments!

  • Remember Thursday evenings; to keep them wholly for the practice.
  • Thou shalt not tarry at the gates, but foregather at the feet of the conductor with due haste and humility.
  • Thou shalt then give ear to the voice of the conductor and hearken not to the babble of thy neighbour.
  • Thou shalt not raise the level of thy voice above thy neighbour’s voice for this is contrary to choral law.
  • Thou shalt not worship thy score unduly, for the eyes are the window of the soul and if they be glued to the paper how shall thy soul be lit?
  • Thou shalt not lean upon thy neighbour but cultivate thine own understanding; for he that followeth his neighbour from bar to bar shall stumble and perish but he that counteth his own time can in no wise enter in at the wrong place.
  • Thou shalt not grouse.
  • Thou shalt not contemplate thy neighbour’s hat, nor her coat, nor her furs, nor her ring, nor even her mobile phone; nor anything that is thy neighbour’s, lest when thy turn cometh thou are taken unawares and utterly confounded.
  • Thou shalt not break any covenant with the choir, to follow after thy spouse or thy best girl or thy second best girl or thy friend or thine enemy for thou shalt not be held worthy in the sight of the choirmaster if a ‘yea’ is turned to a ‘nay’.
  • Honour thy choir and thy conductor and forget not that regular attendance is also expected of thee on Sundays.

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