Church Choir

Choir resumes for the 2014-2015 session on Thursday 21st August 2014 at 7:30pm in the Session House. All Welcome!

imageThe Choir at Williamwood Parish Church meet on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the Session House. We meet to learn both old and new pieces of music – many of which are used to enhance our Sunday Morning Worship in the Sanctuary. We are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music.

We sing a vast range and styles of music, from Baroque to 20th Century compositions which cover all aspects of the Church Year. The sing regular anthems and lead special services throughout the year – especially at Christmas time with a service of Lessons and Carols.

To view the choral music for the period November – December please follow this link

The choir is an open group and we actively encourage people to come along to see and hear what we get up to at choir practices. You will find that we have fun, friendship and fellowship in abundance, and are inclusive and welcoming!

You certainly do not need to be able to read music to join us, although it would be an advantage. We have plenty of experience (and a bucket-load of patience) and look forward to imparting some of our knowledge of music and love of singing onto others – as nowhere in the bible does it say you have to be an expert in music to make praises to God!

Some questions you might have…..

How do I become a member?
Come to a rehearsal! Our Organist will have a brief chat with you to determine your voice section and you will have ample opportunity to find out more about the ministry of the choir.

When are rehearsals?
Thursdays: 7:30pm – 9:30pm (approx) with tea and coffee being provided also.

Do I have to be able to read music?
You do not need to be able to read music in order to be a member of the choir, although it is an advantage.

Do I need to become a member of Williamwood Parish Church in order to participate in the choir?
CERTAINLY NOT! This is the Choir of Williamwood Parish Church and as such is a choir for our Parish (area), so you do not have to be a “member” of Williamwood to sing with us, however if you in time wish to explore your faith further the Revd Eric McLachlan, our Locaum Minister, will be pleased to speak with you and discuss the possibility of your joining the fellowship of Williamwood Parish Church.

Do I have to know how to sing in a choir?
No. We ask that you come with whatever your experience level is and a willingness to learn and be of contribution.

How often does the Choir sing?
Apart from our week-night practice we sing regularly at morning services, currently 11:00am. Usually this consists of a choral Anthem on a weekly basis.

Do I have to be at every rehearsal/service?
We encourage our members to sing with us at every opportunity, although we know it is sometimes not always possible and know that within that context each one manages their schedule accordingly.

What does it mean for the Choir to be “inclusive and welcoming?”
Everyone is welcome into this group. Each member should come with a willingness to fully participate in this ministry of music and celebrate the message that is vocal music.

What is my responsibility as a member of the Choir?
Each member is responsible and accountable for managing their attendance at rehearsals and services, learning the music for the session ahead and coming prepared to sing and fully participate in this ministry.

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