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Williamwood Music – Summer Inspire 2014

Dear Friends, July 2014

I hope that you are all enjoying this summer season? I certainly am. I am reminded of the old hymns – Summer Suns are glowing, When morning guilds the skies, Jesus loves me for a sunbeam – who all remembers these? Of course with the first one we talk about sun in a sense in that all at times the sun is shining somewhere. This is a reminder that God’s love also shines every. The suns light provides warm and of course God’s love provides us with spiritual warmth, love and protection If you are holidaying, in the UK or abroad, I hope you’ve had a good spell of weather and travelled safe.

clip_image002SUMMER CHOIR

If you have managed along at all during the summer months you will have heard our Summer Choir – back after a year’s break. We’ve met each week at 10am in the session house to learn something easy but tuneful! We’ve introduced these items as introits, anthems and as sung blessings. There have been many kind remarks about what we’ve sang and we all thank you for that. Many of you have commented how nice it is to sing the blessing at the end – and this is of course a blessing we should sing to each other as our service ends. There will be a few more Sunday’s before “summer” ends and if you want to come to Summer Choir then please do so. Everyone is welcome.



Our Church Choir resumes practices on Thursday 21st August at 7:30pm in the Session House. This is a few weeks earlier than usual due to your Organist/Director of Music having the first two weeks of September in Spain! This means that there is no Thursday practice 4th and 11th September. New members are of course very welcome – and we have spaces in all sections. Just come along and we will give you a very warm welcome.

Looking forward to the new session I am full of enthusiasm to work with the choir after my spell away. When I came back things were winding down for the summer, but we enjoyed a few Thursday evenings before our end of session dinner. The plan is to look at some anthems on the theme of “Love” in September. We have a nice setting of Love Divine by John Stainer which some of you may know, also a nice setting of How Deep the Fathers Love for us by Stuart Townend and a new setting of Love Divine by Howard Goodal. Our first batch of music looks towards Remembrance Sunday and it’s my hope to have the choir sing Wherever you are by Paul Mealor, of the Military Wives fame. After than we have Christmas, Lessons and Carols and the new year to look to. So, it’s going to be a busy session.


Over the course of the summer, there have been issues pertaining to the organ, which at the time of writing as still being investigated and looked into. The Allen (UK) organ company have visited 4 times and have been asked back to assist more. Fortunately I have been able to play it each week (with the exception on one) and the issues haven’t interfered too much with our Sunday services. I hope that things will be rectified soon, so that the problems don’t impact on the choir music come September.

It may interest some of you to know that for most of June and July, I have only had around 1/2 the organ available to me each week which severely limits the sounds, tones and texture that are available. The latest issue seems to be a tuning problem in that the two “sides” or “computers” of the organ are out of tune with each other. I’ve not let you hear this on Sundays but it’s a little like a harmonium which isn’t all that pleasing to the ear! As I say, fingers crossed, the issues should be all sorted soon.


Christmas? Christmas? What do you mean, talking about that already – I can hear some of you shout! Well, all I want to say is that if anyone wants to join the choir for our Christmas celebrations you will be made most welcome. We will likely participate in a Lessons and Carols Service of some shape or form in December, and help lead the singing at Watch night etc. I had always hoped to go carol singing around Aidan’s Brae and hopefully we can start that this year, and also bring some lighter and fun Christmas songs to the people there.


Looking to 2015……….

I would hope to do, as in previous years, something that everyone can join in with. I have a few ideas that I soon want to run by Linda and Eric (or even a new minister?) some are more serious than others. Two of the ideas would fall at Easter – one is a coming together of local church choirs and a presentation of “Stainer’s Crucifixion” and the other is much more upbeat and family orientated called “Resurrection Rock” which might be suited to an Easter Day service. Watch this space to see how my ideas progress.

I want to close by thanking you all for your continued appreciation and good wishes for what we get up to musically at Williamwood. On a personal level the welcome I received back to you was truly wonderful and was indeed a “coming home” feeling. I’m glad to be back!!


Alan Mathew

Summer Choir Items 2012

Details of our Summer Choir Music for 2012

You can download the list by clicking here

Music News May 2012


Dear friends at Williamwood

As I write this music article for the Summer Inspire magazine we are preparing for our Jubilee Event on Saturday 2nd June.  This will have taken place by the time most of you read this.  I hope that it will have been an exciting and joyful evening when we’ve looked back and celebrated Williamwood 75 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Thanks are due to the various people who have taken part and helped in their own way, but specifically we need to thank all the singers and musicians from our community who have worked hard and enjoyed sharing music for what is a one-off special event.

Adult Church ChoirOur session ended in May but we have continued to meet in preparation for the Jubilee. Our end of session dinner takes place on 14th June at Williamwood Golf Club where we and our partners relax and have fellowship (and a good meal also) away from the busyness of our weekly work.

It’s been a remarkable session during 2011-12.   We’ve achieved far much more than I thought possible.  I would go as far to say that we have not only improved our repertoire, but also improved our quality and our enjoyment.  I am very lucky indeed to be at the helm of such a competent church choir, and it has been said in this past year that we have one of the best soprano sections (if not “the” best) in the Southside.

Through the internet we have been heard as far afield as the USA.  This is through our on-line recordings of services and also through our YouTube channel – just look for wmwoodmusic.

The new session will begin at the end of August (probably on Thursday 23rd August) or the beginning of September – all depending on when the choirmaster takes his holidays! We would welcome any one who is interested to come along.  You will find a warmth and friendship that is only found in church choirs – come along to experience it. Look out for weekly intimations for more information.

Church Music Groupa group of around 8 (or so) singers, some guitars and a flute (plus some bongos – thank you Carole) have taken part in some of the services in 2012.  I think that people have enjoyed both our “sound” and the items of praise we have lead or introduced.  We have said good-bye to Ann McCormick our flautist, as her placement here at Williamwood has come to an end.  We say thank you Ann for immersing yourself in all aspects of our music.  We hope you’ve had as much fun as the rest of us!

Likewise, Music Group will resume in the new session (Aug/September) and anyone who plays an instrument is welcome to come along.  Even if you don’t play an instrument you are welcome to come along to sing, or utilise the box of percussion instruments we have but rarely use.  Look out for weekly intimations for the first meeting of 2012-13.


It’s that time of the year when summer choir resumes. We start meeting in the session house on Sunday 3rd June at 10:15am.  Summer Choir will meet weekly at 10:15am throughout June (with the exception of Communion Sunday) July and August.

We will look at the hymns and learn anything that may be new, and also each week try to prepare a simple, yet effective, item from CH4 or other sources as either a call to worship, a meditation, anthem or something to end our worship. You do not need to be in the church choir to take part and you can come as often as you are able.  All we ask is that you enjoy your time with us.

Williamwood Singers - The Williamwood Singers have just completed their 25th year as a group of enthusiastic young singers, giving a concert at Christmas and in the Spring.

At our concert a few weeks ago we displayed some of the many photos taken over the years – from the early days when we often went out and about singing in different places through rather lean years when we just managed to keep going.  We now have a very able choir with a large repertoire of uplifting songs.  It is wonderful to hear these young voices developing – some have now been with us for 10 years.  As to age there is no upper limit, we’re always ready to welcome new members.  The choir, with excellent instrumentalists from our own church and beyond has given great pleasure to a great number of people – if you can sing (age 10 and upwards) do come and join us on Sunday 26th August at 6.00pm.

Meanwhile many thanks from me to the choir, for giving their best at the concert, to our past accompanists – Aindrea McKay who was with us for 17 years, followed for a short time by Gail Alexander, and now to Mairi McIntyre, for all their hard work and to our many supporters who make it all worthwhile.  Norah F Gray

Music Makers – like the regular music groups we don’t meet during the summer months.  However, we met rather intermittently during 2011-12 and that has been disruptive to everyone who is keen for Music Makers to really lift-off.  Starting in September we will meet regularly, but only once a month.

From September, we will meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 12:30pm to 1pm.  Kids and/or parents should come to the Church and meet in the front pews.  Ailie and I will prepare something with the kids and/or mums and dads that we can sing at Christmas-time.

Looking forward to 2012-13

  • Williamwood Singers resume on Sunday 26th August at 6pm in the Session house.
  • Adult church choir resumes (23rd August) – look out for weekly notices
  • Music Makers resumes – 2nd Sunday of September at 12:30pm
  • Music Group resumes Aug/Sept – lookout for details

Friends of Williamwood Music

As we move through another year I would like to get together a proper list of “friends of Williamwood Music”. You may like to help serve tea after church for us, or help steward at a concert or serve tea.  Please, just pass your name to me.


The Trumpet Shall Sound – Sunday 14th October, 7pm

A Special concert in the Church with Organ and Trumpet, featuring Matt Edwards (organist) and Grant Golding (trumpet) – this is a special event taking place as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations.  Mark the date in your diary and prepare to be amazed at the wonderful sound combination of organ and trumpet.  Keep an eye out for more details in weekly notices for what promises to be an excellent evening of music.

I do hope that your summer holidays are good and that the weather keeps up for us – hope I’ve not gone and put my foot in it! I do look forward to seeing you at Church during the summer to take part in the music of each morning service and enjoy the fellowship of Williamwood Church.