Jubilee Choir Stuff

This page is for our singers.  it contains links to dates we meet, music we are singing and aids (from the internet) to help us learn our parts!!!!!

Updates (latest entry 19/05/2012)

  • initial meeting on Wednesday 18th April at 7:30pm at Williamwood Parish Church was a great success.  Some 24 singers came along to make a start on our chosen pieces.

Next meetings will take place at Williamwood on  the following dates:

  • Wednesday  25th April at 7:30pm (30 singers attended)
  • Wednesday 2nd May at 7:30pm (4 new people came to sing!)
  • Thursday 10th May at 7:30pm – sectional rehearsal Mozart Gloria
  • Thursday 17th May at 7:30pm – sectional rehearsal Handel Zadok
  • Thursday 24th May at 7:30pm – sectional rehearsals (all music)
  • Thursday 31st May at 7:30pm

Our concert in June will coincide with June’s Jubilee Celebrations and Williamwood Parish Church’s own 75th Anniversary.

If you’re interested in singing, in pulling two special dates together using music then please do come along, or get in touch @ williamwood.organist@gmail.com

Click to download a poster

Music to download and bring along with you is:

If you can’t download the music please let us know
and we’ll get some copies for you!

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